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Invertebrate Biology (IVB) invites papers on all aspects of invertebrate biology-morphology and ultrastructure; genetics, phylogenetics, and evolution; physiology and ecology; neurobiology, behavior, and biomechanics; reproduction and development; cell and molecular biology-and on all types of invertebrates: protozoan and metazoan, aquatic and terrestrial, free-living and symbiotic. Manuscripts submitted should present original research focused on understanding the biology of invertebrate organisms. Taxonomic descriptions may be a component, though secondary, of papers submitted to IB. Review articles are welcomed, but please consult the Editor-in-Chief before submitting. All contributions undergo a thorough process of peer-review.


Manuscript submission and format

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through Manuscript Central at, and initial correspondence directed to the Editor-in-Chief. For matters of style not covered here, refer to recent issues of IB or the CBE Manual Scientific Style and Format.

See Author Guidelines


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